Exploring The Benefits Of Financial Planning Insurance

Based in Abilene, TX, Koda Insurance Group serves the community by offering residents multiple types of insurance coverage. Our primary goal is to help our clients find coverage and exceed their expectations. As an independent insurance agency, we are proud to note that we have established positive working relationships with several different insurance companies. This allows us to help our clients regardless of their individual needs.

Financial Planning Insurance

As you start adding more assets to your financial portfolio, it is important that you start planning for the future. Financial planning insurance gives you a clear path on how to manage your assets heading into the future. The policy helps protect you from suffering huge losses in the future.

A financial planner can help you set some objectives and goals that you plan to reach in the future. While you will likely encounter some obstacles, financial planning insurance will cover you through tough situations. As you are driving around Abilene, TX, it is important that you protect your investment through researching auto insurance policies. Another significant investment in your home. You’ll need coverage so that you will be protected in case an emergency happens.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, health insurance will cover your yearly examination, as well as any treatment in the event that you become ill. As you figure out how to adequately devote enough resources to these policies, having financial planning insurance is an asset.  Financial planning insurance can help alleviate some of the stress that you may feel trying to manage your assets and figuring out which types of coverage are best for you.

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What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

If you own a boat, then you want to make sure that you have the right coverage. Most boat insurance policies cover the most common types of claims that can happen to a boat owner. Here is a look at what is covered in the typical bost insurance policy. 

1). Boat Exterior, Interior, and Mechanical Parts

Obviously, the boat itself is covered in the policy. The coverage on the boat includes the exterior and the interior of the craft. Finally, the engine and the mechanical parts of the engine are also covered. The boat will be covered against accidents and damage caused by natural disasters and other mishaps. You will want to carefully check exactly which circumstances are covered in a given policy. 

2). Property Damage

When most people think of boat insurance coverage, they are fixated on making sure that their boat is covered. However, there are many instances where a boat accident will cause property damage to areas like a dock or a structure. That’s why many boat insurance policies will also provide coverage for property damage.

 3). Medical Payments

Boat policies will also cover medical payments in case you or your family members are injured on the boat. Some policies may also cover non-family members who are onboard the craft. It is recommended that you specifically ask for non-family members to be covered if you want a more comprehensive policy. 

Getting the Right Boat Insurance 

The right boat insurance will give you the peace of mind that you need. If you are interested in boat insurance, then contact Koda Insurance Group serving Abilene, TX. We offer boat insurance policies for all types of watercraft.

Who Should Have Umbrella Insurance in Abilene?

Umbrella insurance is a type of policy that’s meant to be there for you on a day that’s raining cats and dogs. But what exactly does that mean for the people of Abilene, TX? Koda Insurance Group is here to tell you the types of people who tend to get this type of insurance and how it can be used to offset a number of costs in a dire situation. 

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a way to extend the coverage of a traditional policy. So let’s say that a homeowner is sued for liability after a guest breaks their leg after slipping on a child’s toy. In this case, the homeowner’s insurance policy might cover up a certain amount before it hits its limits. Umbrella insurance would be available to cover the rest, but the homeowner would need this policy first before receiving this benefit. 

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

It’s usually people who are at the most risk of needing extra coverage. So a politician or community figure who’s in the public eye might buy umbrella insurance so they know that they’ll be protected in case someone makes a claim against them. When lawsuits can drag on for months or years, having this extra coverage can really go a long way to keep people in Abilene, TX from having to settle a case unnecessarily. 

While this type of coverage can be helpful for everyone in the city, there are some people who should consider it more than others. If you have questions about umbrella insurance or the right policy for you, Koda Insurance Group is here to be of service. We can answer your questions about whether umbrella insurance makes sense for you, so give us a call today. 

What You Need to Know About Flood Insurance

Most home owner’s know that home owner’s insurance is the best way to protect your financial security in the event that your home is damaged or lost. However, what many home owner’s do not know is that most home owner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage. This can be a rude shock in the event that your home is damaged by a flood. At Koda Insurance Group, serving Abilene, TX, we know how important it is to be properly educated on these types of insurance topics. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about flood insurance.

Why Is Flood Insurance Not Included in Home Owner’s Policies?

Flood risks are a very difficult type of risk factor to evaluate. The risk of flooding can vary greatly from one region of the country to another. In fact, flood risks can vary greatly from one region of a state to another. For this reason, it is difficult for insurance companies to create general flood policies. Flood insurance must be customized very carefully for each individual home. 

What You Need To Know About Flood Insurance

In order to get the best protection for your home, you will need to do some research into the flooding risks of your area. Although your insurance representative will be happy to assist you with this and provide further information, each homeowner will need to do their own homework in order to make sure they have sufficient coverage for their particular home in their particular flood risk zone. 

Many homeowners find that they are not in a high-risk flood zone and therefore can get by with minimal coverage. 

If you would like to learn more about flood insurance, please call Koda Insurance Group, serving Abilene, TX today. We will be happy to answer your questions. 

Which type of life insurance is right for me?

Contemplating a life insurance purchase but don’t know where to start? It’s understandable. Life insurance can be confusing, but the Koda Insurance Group serving Abilene, TX is here to help you answer the tough questions. For starters, you need to determine the type of life insurance that suits your needs. This means choosing between the two main insurance types — a term life or whole life policy. 

If you’ve watched television at any point in your life, you’ve undoubtedly seen commercials telling you why one type of insurance is better than the other. However, life insurance isn’t one size fits all, so you need to consider which policy type best aligns with your financial big picture. 

Term life insurance

Term life insurance has a very self-explanatory name. It is life insurance for a specified term or time period. If you are still alive when the period ends, the policy expires. Should you want to stay covered by insurance, the premium on a new policy may be higher based on your health and added age.

This may seem like a poor investment, but term life policies are available in a variety of terms and at a variety of coverage levels, making them an extremely easy option to customize to fit your life. They are also the cheaper insurance option, and your premium is locked in for the term of the policy. This makes it a favored option for growing families.

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance is often viewed as an investment because it doesn’t expire and accumulates a cash value. Your coverage level stays the same, and the policy stays active as long as you keep making payments. Because whole life is a lifetime investment, it is a more expensive option. 

An agent at the Koda Insurance Group serving Abilene, TX can help explain the nuances of whole life and term life insurance. Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss your financial needs and what you want from your life insurance policy.

What Do You Need From Your Health Insurance Coverage?

Finding the right health insurance coverage doesn’t have to be difficult. When you have a trusted agent to help you, it can be easier to get the proper coverage and feel good about your options. If you’re in the Abilene, TX area, Koda Insurance Group is here and ready to answer your questions. Whether you have insurance now or you’re looking to get a policy for the first time, there are different kinds of policies with different coverage levels. If you have a pre-existing condition or a specific issue you need coverage for, that’s also something to carefully consider when purchasing a policy. The right agent makes it a better process when deciding exactly what you need from your insurance coverage, so you can protect your health.

Before you decide on a policy, or before you make changes to your existing one, focus on the kinds of things you really need from your health coverage. That way you’ll have a better chance of being covered for the things that you feel are important, and not having a lot of extra coverage that may not be necessary for you. Your insurance agent can help show you the choices you have, and the ways you can be covered for specific life events. That can make your decisions easier, and give you a higher level of peace of mind, as well.

Are you ready to choose the health insurance coverage that’s best for your needs and situation? Reach out to us today, at Koda Insurance Group. We want to make sure all our Abilene, TX area customers are getting the kind of information and support they need. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, and give you options to consider so you can purchase the right policy or have adjustments made to the one you currently have. We’re here to help.

When is Commercial Insurance a Necessity?

One dream that a lot of people share is to one day own their own business. If you desire to be a small business owner, starting one in the Abilene TX area could be a good idea due to the great amenities that the local area offers. If you are going to start a business where you need to think about your insurance needs. There are several situations when getting commercial insurance will be a necessity for you and your situation. 

When Protection is Needed

The first situation when getting commercial insurance will be a necessity is when protection is needed. A business has a lot of different risks and an owner will want to protect against these as much as they can. A great way to do this is by getting a commercial insurance policy, which will protect both the company assets and give liability coverage. 

Lender or Investor Requirements

Having this form of coverage is very important. Due to this, many lenders and investors will require that you have commercial insurance at all times. The lenders and investors you work with will want you to have it as it can help to keep your business solvent, which ultimately will help to protect the investment they have in your company. 

If you are going to own and start a business in the Abilene TX area, having commercial insurance continues to be very important. When you are looking for a new commercial insurance policy, it is important to have someone by your side that can help. The Koda Insurance Group Can help you to identify your business risks and get into a policy that is right for your organization. Koda Insurance Group can also answer any questions that you have regarding your options and needs. 

5 fire hazards to remove from your home today

Fire safety plans include many components. These include forming an escape plan and addressing common household hazards that can lead to fires in Abilene, TX and beyond. This means removing hazardous items or eliminating risk factors associated with certain appliances or products. Here are five hazardous areas to check today and often to reduce your risk of fire.

Clean the lint filter

One of the leading causes of home fires is the dryer. Cleaning the lint filter and the surrounding area after each load of laundry isn’t just a best maintenance practice — it is a safety necessity. A lint fire only takes a spark to get started and can be devastating. To further lower your risk of fire, clean the dryer vent of your home annually to remove additional build-up.

Remove extension cords

Extension cords are not a permanent solution to overloaded outlets. If you are using an extension cord for small appliances like coffee pots and toasters, stop and relocate the items to where they can be plugged directly into the wall. If you are using extension cords regularly in other areas of the home for phone charging and electronics, consider repositioning furniture near existing outlets for direct plug-in or calling an electrician to install additional outlets in the home.

Limit candle usage

Candles provide beautiful light and warm fragrances in the home, but they are a top fire hazard. Consider investing in LED faux candles for the same effect without the risk or limit your candle usage while applying best safety practices. Keep candles one foot away from flammable objects like paper and fabric. Never leave the candle burning by itself in a room or burning while you sleep. Don’t rely on candles in a power outage. Opt for battery-powered lanterns for stationary light and flashlights for walking.

Store propane outdoors

For grill masters with a propane grill, additional fuel for the grill needs to be stored outside the home to reduce the risk of fire. Pick a well-ventilated area detached from the home or an outdoor location for tanks. Propane does not freeze, so it is safe to leave outdoors year round.

Keep gas out of the garage

The same principle applies to a can of gas for the lawn mower and other home maintenance tools. Keep gasoline in a detached structure away from the house. If it is stored in a shed, keep it away from sources of direct heat, such as a window, heaters and hot water heaters.

After protecting your home from the inside out, always double-check your home insurance policy to ensure you have the appropriate level of coverage for your property and family. If you are unsure about coverage options and levels, the Koda Insurance Group serving Abilene, TX is a resource for more information.

Contact the Koda Insurance Group today for a free quote or to discuss your home insurance needs.

An Introduction to Commercial Insurance

Koda Insurance Group of Abilene, TX knows the complexities of opening and running your own business. One of the most important needs includes the right commercial insurance.

Think of the business equipment you purchased. Or your office furniture. Imagine how you would pay for replacement windows if vandals broke the glass on your storefront. Your commercial insurance covers that.

You need to decide if you need commercial liability, a business owner’s policy, commercial auto, glass insurance, etc. Only the right policy pays out when you file a claim.

You will not need the same insurance policies as your friend’s business unless you both own the same type of business. For example, every pizza delivery operation needs commercial auto to cover its delivery vehicles. The complex nature of these policies means that no two cover the same items. Among the potential commercial/business insurance policies you may need are:

  • commercial auto insurance,
  • boiler/machinery,
  • business owner’s policy,
  • business interruption insurance,
  • builder’s risk insurance,
  • crime insurance,
  • debris removal,
  • directors’ and officers’ liability insurance,
  • errors and omissions insurance,
  • fidelity bonds,
  • glass insurance,
  • inland marine insurance,
  • malpractice insurance,
  • ordinance or law insurance,
  • tenant’s insurance.

That list probably seems a little overwhelming unless you happen to be an insurance expert. Let Koda Insurance Group of Abilene, TX help you understand the ins and outs of commercial insurance. While for most businesses, a business owner’s policy makes the perfect starting point, not every business needs one. You may only need a commercial auto policy or liability coverage. If you have employees you will need worker’s compensation insurance. 

Call us or come by the Koda offices to learn more about the coverage that fits your business.

Gap Insurance is Not Enough, Reasons To Keep Your Full Coverage Even After You Pay Off Your Vehicle.

Koda Insurance Group serves the community of Abilene, TX with premium auto insurance services. We want our clients to have the exact insurance policy they need to be fully protected in case of an accident. Here is some information you may not have known about Gap insurance in Texas. 

Gap insurance is called such because it is created to cover any “gap” in a person’s auto insurance and the cost of their vehicle. When the car first drives off the lot this gap in what is owed is large, depending on the vehicle the gap may shrink but it can also stay significant if the vehicle losses value or the loan has high interest. 

Many loan companies are requesting gap insurance as part of the loan (it is illegal to require this in the state of Texas), and gap insurance can be a useful thing in case of an accident on a vehicle that is relatively new. It is important to understand that gap insurance is not going to be worth much if your car is paid off or mostly paid off. Full coverage insurance will protect you much more. 

Some people drop their full coverage insurance once their loan is paid off with the belief that gap insurance or PIP coverage will be enough. But it should be known that gap insurance is often useless if there is no loan, and PIP will leave you with zero property damage or vehicle replacement payouts. Full comprehensive coverage should be kept if you are concerned about having to purchase a new car after a sudden accident. 

Contact us at Koda Insurance Group to learn more about a comprehensive affordable insurance policy to keep you covered, we can answer any questions you have about gap insurance vs full coverage after your car loan is paid. We serve all of Abilene and the surrounding areas. Call today.