5 Myths about Auto Insurance

Auto insurance myths can cause confusion when choosing auto insurance coverage. At Koda Insurance Group, we encourage Abilene, TX drivers to separate fact from fiction when obtaining a policy in order to get the protection they need. Here are some common myths you can dispel when getting auto insurance coverage.  

1. Myth: Certain car colors are more costly to insure than others.  

Some people believe certain car colors are more costly to insure due to being more prone to having accidents. Car color, however, isn’t a factor in determining auto insurance costs. Vehicle make and model, driver habits, and driver history will be taken into account when insurers quote you insurance prices.  

2. Myth: If a friend wrecks your car, his insurance will pay for damages.

Your auto insurance covers your vehicle, regardless of who is driving. If you permit friends to use your car and they have an accident, your insurance will foot the bill. If the accident was your friend’s fault, you could be held liable for damages.

3. Myth: The term “no-fault insurance” implies you’re not at fault for an accident.

No-fault auto insurance means your insurer pays for medical costs of injuries in an accident, regardless of the person at fault. The driver at fault, however, will be held liable for damages to both his and other vehicles.     

4. Myth: Your auto insurance covers personal items left in your car.

Personal items are covered by homeowners and renter’s insurance, not auto insurance coverage. If your laptop or cell phone is stolen from your vehicle, you’ll have to make a claim with your home or renter’s policy.

5. Myth: Personal auto insurance covers business use of a vehicle.

Personal auto insurance only covers personal use of your vehicle. If you use your car for business purposes, you’ll need to obtain a commercial auto policy to protect you against accidents.

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