Restaurants Can be a Warzone for Injuries

Think large kitchen knives, onions, and a cutting board. What comes to mind?

If you’ve worked in an Abilene, TX restaurant, you or someone you know has probably cut themselves at some time slicing vegetables or food of some type. Aside from construction, restaurants remain one of the environments with the highest rate of worker injuries annually and even monthly. 

There is so much involved in cooking and food preparation that can cause a serious injury, combined with the fact that many restaurant workers are younger and less experienced, that it’s of little surprise statistically that food venues skyrocket with injuries every year. Safety and training can make a huge difference as well as preventative tools such as cutting guards, splash protectors from hot oil and water, protective clothing, and more. However, eventually just about everyone in a kitchen gets hurt by something.

Most injuries tend to be small and heal quickly, but a serious injury can be debilitating. A large pot of hot water can cause scalding injuries that can last for weeks. The loss of fingertips with a knife don’t heal quickly. They require special treatment for weeks to avoid infection. Burn injuries leave permanent scars and are common with ovens and hot frying grease. And then, there is the wet floor slip and fall which can break bones.

The bottom line is that today’s restaurant needs a workers compensation policy in place with protections because employee injuries will happen. Koda Insurance Group can help. We work with dozens of restaurants in the Abilene, TX area and can size up a good policy that matches your business model correctly. Email or call Koda Insurance Group and our staff today and protect both your business and your workers the right way.