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Financial Planning in Texas

At Koda Insurance Group, we offer a unique combination of skills and experience that allows our clients in Texas to both plan for and protect their financial futures. We can help you make the most of your assets, while also making a plan to safeguard your investments so you can maximize your retirement and secure your family's future.

Build Your Portfolio

Brendan Messenger is an independent Certified Financial Planner™ and Insurance Agent who provides our clients with information and advice on how to take advantage of their unique situations and needs in order to help them meet their life goals. Whether you need to put your children through college or grow enough money to prepare for retirement, he applies strategies closely tailored to your circumstances.

In order to build your capital, he will first analyze your current assets and then utilize investments like Stocks and Bonds, ETF's, Mutual Funds and Options. Your assets may already be in a Retirement account or other kind of investment account, but Brendan Messenger will still find areas that may not be using their maximum potential. Life Insurance is another investment many people don't consider that he can help with as an Insurance Agent.

Protect Your Investments

Once you have started building your portfolio, you will want to use financial planning Insurance to make sure that your investments are being protected. You don't want to build your assets and then lose them to an unavoidable circumstance. With experience in both investments and insurance, we can utilize an action plan to help ensure your future.

If you are living or working in Texas and don't feel like you are making the most of your investment opportunities, you should see what we can do for you. Call Koda Insurance Group today so we can help you find the best financial planning Insurance and investment plan to suit your needs.

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