Commercial Insurance

The agents at Koda Insurance Group in Texas are experts in commercial insurance for all types of businesses such as bar and restaurant, professional liability and a specialized business owner's policy. Running a business has inherent risks such as an injured employee on the job, the destruction of property by a natural disaster, and you can be sued by a client claiming a breach of contract. The essential purpose of business insurance is to protect both businesses and personal assets.  Commercial insurance provides peace of mind, and the business owner can focus on being productive and profitable.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

While commercial general liability insurance is not mandatory in Texas, general liability insurance will protect your business from claims of individuals or enterprises. For instance, this policy will pay for property damage to your client's server resulting in data loss.  There can be claims of a bodily injury seeking the payment of medical costs due to a client being injured on the business premise or even any damage to the reputation of your client.

Workers' Compensation

Protects the business from employee lawsuits and will pay for medical costs and wage loss for job-related injured employees, while Texas does not require Worker's Compensation.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A general liability policy only protects your client's damage to his or her property and does not protect the business owner from damage to business property.  A BOP will protect the business owner's property, such as damage to the owner's building, equipment, inventory, computers, printers, and furniture from damage as a result of a fire or a flood.  Further, it protects the business owner from claims as a result of dishonest employees.

Professional Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance is essentially an errors and omissions liability policy that protects the assets and the reputation of a lawyer or physician, for instance, from legal claims of negligence.

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